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All Evergen Home Systems Can Work With 3-Phase Power - Evergen

All Evergen Home systems can work with 3-phase power.

While Evergen Home systems are designed to operate on a single phase, in the case of a home with 3-phase power, the system can be connected to the one phase with the highest load and still serve all three phases.


Let us explain this in more detail:

If, for example, the solar system produces 5 kW of solar, the 3-phase meter will record 5 kW of solar from the phase the solar inverter is connected to (e.g. phase 3). If there aren't any household loads that draw from this phase, all 5 kW of solar will be exported. However, if you use 3 kW of power on your other phases (e.g. 1 kW on phase 1 and 2 kW on phase 2), the power that is being imported from the other two phases will not be counted as import but will be subtracted from the 5 kW of solar that are currently being exported (as no load on phase 3). The remaining 2 kW of solar will be recorded as feed-in and you will receive credit from your solar retailer for the exported amount. This is how net metering for 3-phase sites work.3phasemeterexample


Request a quote and we can then provide you with detailed advice on which phase is best for you when we are tailoring your system to your needs.