Evergen Mobile App

A fresh new look

Evergen is proud to introduce the newest version of its app, a fresh and cleaner look that will accompany you by helping you reach your saving goals and review your systems performance in real time.Home

How does the app work?


So, what's new?

A new Home screen

Everything at glance

Power Flow

A smarter way to see your energy


Snappy and responsive graphs with real time data


Plan smart and save based on your own goals

Power Flow

Power Flow lets you view how your system is performing, and which sources your home is using (grid, solar or battery). 

Our energy intelligence takes a variety of factors into account when deciding which energy source to use, or when to store it.
The bottom part is divided into 3 tabs:

  • Today
  • Your power bill period
  • All time

You can swipe through these to get a better look of how your Power Flow has been behaving.Power Flow


See your solar generation, home usage and battery performance by month, week, day, or even hourly!

By pinching the graphs you can zoom in to see detailed info on how your system is doing,

Tapping the date at the top lets you select a custom date to review your usage and performance.

Tapping the graphs themselves (whether curve or bar graph) will display the exact values.



With Evergen Goals you can set energy usage goals to help keep you on track during your bill cycle.

Goals Popup

By Tapping on the big circle at the Home screen you can access your Goals as shown here:

Animated GIF-downsized_large  

Here you can update your goals by choosing how aggressive or conservative you want your savings to be.