How do I turn off my Evergen system with an Alpha ESS battery?

Occasionally, you might want to shut down your Evergen system. Just follow the easy steps below to turn off your system.

  1.  Slide off the switch panel cover (second from top) from your Alpha Smile unit.

  2. Unlock and open the inner cable box cover.
  3. Turn off all switches in the following order: Battery isolator switch, Grid, Back Up, and PV switch.

  4. Turn off the battery modules by pressing the battery button of the first module and holding it for 5 seconds.
    This should turn of all battery modules if you have more than one.

Note: If not all batteries turn off, please turn them off individually by repeating step 4 for each module.

   5.  Close your unit and slide on the panel cover.


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team.