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How does our Evergen Intelligence work?

Evergen’s packages are all controlled by CSIRO intelligent algorithms. We have worked with the CSIRO to find definitive answers to the big questions on solar power for the home and commercial environments.

Your solar-battery-grid systems are connected to a cloud-based algorithm that CSIRO developed exclusively for us at Evergen. This energy intelligence uses up-to-the minute data to make sure your system’s performance is always optimised every day.

By taking 42 separate factors into account such as the weather forecast, the electricity demand profile of the premise, the tariff structure and battery characteristics (to name but a few), the technology is able to provide you with the maximum Return on Investment possible which results in the quickest payback on your capital expenditure.


Intelligent algorithm controls

  • Your hardware deployed is selected, tested, and curated by Evergen & the CSIRO to ensure highest quality and lifetime performance
  • The algorithms consider 42 data inputs per site and optimise for energy bill reductions, load predictions, and weather
  • Our technology constantly re-calibrates your system in response to data like weather forecasts and electricity tariffs and your electricity consumption
  • Daily monitoring and rectifications by Evergen engineers and regular CSIRO upgrades
  • Your personal intelligence data is available through the app and customer portal


In short, the CSIRO Intelligent Algorithms read 42 data feeds and make a decision every 5 minutes. 


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