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What can I expect on the day of installation?

Every installation is different but the general process for Evergen customers is outlined below.

Installers generally arrive on-site in the morning, between 07.30-09.30 (unless advised otherwise).

To begin with, they will complete a Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (JSEA) and advise you of any potential issues.

It is important that yourself or an authorised person is on-site, to provide clear, unrestricted access for the installers.

Please be aware that the installation can be noisy and power tools will be in use. At some point, there will be an intentional and temporary power outage, when the grid is disconnected from site. 

Once again, it is important that you are present, as after the installation is completed there will be paperwork to sign. At this point, the installer can also run through how your system works and answer any questions you might have.


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team.