What do I do if my Alpha Storion-Eco system is offline?

Occasionally, your Alpha system may appear offline. Evergen will contact you if this happens. However, if you notice beforehand, please check your connection and reboot.

Check if you have internet connection:
    • Check your router and if the cable that goes to the unit is plugged in.
    • Reboot your router if necessary.
    • Plug the ethernet cable into a different port.
    • Check if your Alpha unit has internet connection. To do so, go to the Alpha screen and check if the blue internet light is on.
    • If you have internet connection, please reboot your system.

To reboot your system:

1. Open the front door of your battery system.
2. Turn off the switches in the following order:
     a. Battery switch (from “ON” to “SHUT DOWN”)
     b. Back up switch
     c. Grid switch
     d. PV switch
3. Turn off all battery modules by pressing the battery button of the first module and holding it in for 5 seconds.
4. Wait 30 seconds.
5. Turn on the PV switch.
6. Turn on the back up and grid switches.
7. Turn on the battery switch.
8. Turn on all battery modules separately. Start from the bottom, by pressing each battery button once.
9. Wait a few minutes and then check if you have a network connection.
     To do so,
     a. Touch the Alpha screen, so that it lights up.
     b. Check that the screen displays "normal" and the bottom left of the screen says “Online”.


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team.