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Why should I go with an Evergen system?

At Evergen we sell and install curated battery-solar systems, which are all controlled by CSIRO developed intelligent algorithms.

Our Evergen Home packages are different in 3 ways:

#1 – Intelligent: 

An Evergen Home system isrun with next-generation energy intelligence developed by CSIRO. Every few minutes the system learns and predicts your energy consumption patterns and uses weather forecasts to anticipate your solar production for the next 48 hours. It then uses sophisticated energy analytics to determine the optimum supply of solar, battery and grid for your home to save you the maximum amount of money. The system then manages the charging and discharging behaviour of your battery to minimise wear and extend its useful life – a process which draws from CSIRO’s 20 years of battery research.

#2 – Integrated: 

An Evergen Home system includes all the components you need in a single integrated unit. This means that, as well as housing your battery, the unit contains components like an inverter, gateway and battery management system, which you would often otherwise need to buy separately from different manufacturers. The unit has undergone substantial integration and testing to ensure that both the hardware and software work together seamlessly. Having an integrated unit also results in a neater configuration with simpler and more cost-effective installation.

#3 – Managed: 

After your Evergen Home system is installed, Evergen actively manages it to ensure that you are getting the maximum savings possible. Energy systems are complex with multiple potential points of failure. They are beholden to the performance of third parties like your internet service provider and can become obsolete if detrimental changes are made to your electricity tariff or regulations. Evergen has some of Australia’s leading energy experts who constantly monitor your system, looking for ways to maintain and improve its performance, while adapting it to any changes in the environment to ensure that it always delivers the maximum possible savings. 

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